"We are beginning a journey. It will be a journey both strange and wonderful." -Robert Burnham
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when a vision for change is attainable! tangible!
unimaginable joy will overcome her!
will they listen? will they see it too?
jump into vast emptiness to start anew?
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returning from hilltops, shrouded in evening
her tale, it unfolds before minds in the greenery.
a vision beheld through their proud, squinting eyes
turns sour as sunset, as folly, as lies.
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casting dreams away
across oceans unforgiving and vast...
a message without its bottle
"exhumed from sand", she'll say... "at last".
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wearily it climbs, vision unfulfilled,
from oceans reflecting all that've been killed.
as old lands emblazon the sky with their diamonds,
our woman, now goddess, glides on waves of lost triumphs.

washed up on the sand of a new life begun, 
a new heroine knows it's from lands scorched by suns.
our goddess awakens, delighting to behold...
the hand of a hero that grasps for her gold!

~ Prints ~

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